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Cincinnati Ohio Prescription Drug Charges Lawyer

Defense of Prescription Drug Charges

The variety of prescription drugs which are available on the market has grown remarkably in recent years. With more availability comes the temptation by some to use drugs like Oxycontin and Xanax for recreational purposes rather than for their intended therapeutic purpose.

Prosecutors aggressively pursue convictions in such cases. If you have been charged with illegal possession of prescription drugs or falsifying a prescription, you need a strong and effective defense.

I am Robert R. Hart Jr., an attorney with more than 26 years of experience defending people accused of drug crimes. I understand the criminal justice system and the law regarding search and seizure and other critical legal issues which drug cases present.

I represent clients charged with drug crimes such as:

  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • Illegal processing of prescription documents
  • Prescription forgery
  • Illicit sale of prescription drugs
  • And other alleged drug crimes

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Defending Your Rights and Freedom

Many prescription drug charge cases present the same legal issues as other drug crime cases do. How the medications came into your possession and how the police discovered them are key points to consider.

My firm will examine these and other issues in your case and recommend a defense strategy for you. I will zealously protect your rights at all stages of the legal process. Based on your desires, I will work to obtain a dismissal, an acceptable plea bargain or victory at trial.

Prescription Forgery

Prescription drug charges alleging alteration of an existing prescription are challenging for a defense lawyer. Physical evidence usually exists in the form of the altered prescription itself, the purchaser's signature and video recordings of the transaction.

First-time offenders are excellent candidates for a probation or drug court solution that provides substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation services. By taking this path, you can often avoid jail and may even be able to expunge the conviction from your criminal record.

I have successfully negotiated many probation and drug court outcomes for my clients in cases involving prescription drug charges. Prosecutors in Southwestern Ohio know and trust me. They know that when I say something, they can believe it.

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