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New law may be improving distracted driving numbers in Ohio

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | traffic violations |

Distracted driving is one of the most serious safety concerns for all motorists. Phone use is one of the most common sources of distraction on the road, with many drivers choosing to read emails, scroll social media or make phone calls while they are also operating a vehicle. This significantly increases the chance of an accident, which is why Ohio recently passed a law to combat distraction. The new law makes using a phone while driving a primary offense. 

What does this mean for distracted drivers? 

By making phone use a primary offense, law enforcement no longer needs an additional reason to pull a driver over for using his or her phone. Previously, a driver could only be cited for distracted driving if he or she was committing another traffic violation at the same time, such as speeding. This change took place at the beginning of April. 

Recently released statistics find that this new rule is accomplishing its goal. Drivers are more likely to now put their phones down while driving, with the rate of distraction going down by approximately 9%. Estimates suggest this prevented 504 accidents and a significant amount of money in property damage. 

Next steps for drivers 

With the implementation of this new law, there may be more police on the road monitoring for distracted driving. This may mean that more Ohio drivers could find themselves facing fines and other consequences associated with a traffic violation. After getting a citation, it may be beneficial for a driver to speak with an attorney regarding the potential legal options he or she has.  

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