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Reckless driving: How is it legally defined?

Let's say you're driving along an Ohio roadway when another vehicle suddenly cuts you off on the road, veers straight through your traffic lane, hops a curb, then comes back down, re-enters the roadway and barrels on ahead, at speeds undoubtedly well above the posted limits. How would you describe that person's driving behavior?

3 questions you may have about reckless driving

Having a driver's license often helps many people accomplish numerous errands and other tasks. Though having the ability to drive to different locations is convenient, you may want to remember that you could easily lose that privilege if authorities feel that you have acted in a manner that could put yourself or others at risk while you are behind the wheel. Many traffic violations often come with a simple fine, but others could result in the loss of your license or other consequences.

Outside factors that may influence the results of a breath test

If you stand accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, you probably feel somewhat intimidated by the process. The criminal justice system can be exceedingly complex, and with little experience in the area, you may be uncertain how to go about protecting your legal rights.

What having a CDL means in a DUI stop

When you went through truck driving school and got your CDL, your instructors may have told you that you must meet a higher standard than non-commercial motorists who do not have this type of license. That probably made sense to you since your vehicle and cargo are often bigger and more dangerous than the groceries in the back of your neighbor's car.

Don't risk your CDL by simply paying a traffic ticket

You trained and tested in order to receive your commercial driver's license. After all that work, you took to the open road delivering goods in one or more geographic locations. Perhaps you are a long haul driver, and you pass through several states, including Ohio, on a regular basis.

Learn more: The DUI process

Being involved in a routine traffic stop can be stressful enough on its own, and any additional charges may only add to the difficulty of the situation. Perhaps during a recent traffic stop, you were expecting to receive a warning or ticket for speeding, only to find yourself in handcuffs facing accusations for drunk driving.

Making smart decisions about your future by drinking responsibly

Facing accusations for driving under the influence of alcohol can be stressful and daunting. You might wish to avoid a similar circumstance entirely by staying sober and strictly adhering to Ohio state laws, but you may also enjoy celebrating with your friends on occasion.

How you handle a traffic stop could have an impact on its outcome

Facing accusations for driving under the influence can be exceedingly intimidating. Perhaps an officer recently made the decision to pull you over for something as simple as a burnt-out tail light. While this might not lead to a traffic ticket, it could give the officer reason and time to further investigate any suspicions.

A speeding ticket could involve more than just a monetary fine

If you are facing a traffic violation, you might have concerns about the impact a conviction could have on your life. Like many others, you may rely on the ability to drive for a variety of reasons, and a suspension of your license could prove exceedingly detrimental.

Grounds for administrative license suspension in Ohio

Any time a person loses his or her license for any reason, it can have a serious impact on various areas of life. If you are facing an administrative license suspension, you would be wise to take quick action to learn how you may be able to protect your right to drive and effectively confront your current legal concerns.


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