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Portage County judge facing DUI charges

It is not as though the dangers associated with drunk driving are a recent discovery. This may cause some to question how is it that anyone would make the mistake of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. The fact that it still happens may speak to just how much drinking can inhibit someone's judgment. Of course, people may understand this as well, which then may cause some to wonder if whether the fact that people still drink and drive might be an indication of their dependence on alcohol. 

Death of Ohio pedestrian results in prison for driver

The penalties for drunk driving and driving under suspension in Ohio are serious enough individually. Drunk driving on a suspended license can be mean even more severe consequences. If someone becomes hurt as a result of these activities, one can expect the penalty to include jail time if convicted. A 22-year-old man is a case in point as the court recently sentenced him to 10 years in prison for an alleged drunk driving hit-and-run that resulted in the death of a 30-year-old mother of two who was walking down the street in Canton at the time the accident occurred in July 2018. 

How per se laws affect your OVI arrest

Police officers who pull you over under suspicion of OVI have many methods of obtaining evidence to use against you in court to make those charges stick. From the moment they approach your vehicle, they are on the alert for signs that you have been drinking and that you are impaired. They study your eyes, your hands and your body movement. They listen for you to slur your words, observe the air for odors of alcohol, and test your balance and coordination.

Can my health make it hard to pass a field test?

If you are like many people in Ohio, you may have some misconceptions about what happens during a drunk driving investigation. These misconceptions may even include the belief that the testing used by law enforcement officers is foolproof. This is actually quite far from the truth. As explained by, each of the three field tests administered have some level of known inaccuracy. Even when all three tests are used, some potential for error exists.

Lane violation stop leads to drunk driving arrest

People who live in Ohio should be aware of how a person might end up being investigated for suspected drunk driving. These situations generally start with a driver being pulled over by an officer for a reason that may have nothing at all to do with potentially being impaired. In fact, an officer might have no such thoughts in their mind in some cases while in other cases an officer might think there is a chance a driver could be impaired based on how they are driving. Nonetheless, the officer must have a solid cause before stopping a driver.

Tips to avoid holiday DUI charges

If you are like most people in Ohio, your holiday season will include its fair share of social events. From work parties to family gatherings and more, you may well find yourself at multiple activities at which alcohol is served. While certainly it is not illegal to have a drink or two and then drive home, the fact of the matter is that the emphasis on preventing extreme instances of drunk driving may well put even the most reasonable behaviors under scrutiny. This could put you at a disadvantage even if you are not actually intoxicated.

Jury trial requested in drunk driving case

People in Ohio who have been arrested for and charged with a drunk driving offense may understandably be concerned about their future and what consequences they may face if they are convicted of a crime. While it can be difficult, it is important to remember at this time that they have the right to defend themselves against all charges under the law.

The walk and turn field sobriety test

Drivers in Ohio who are arrested for drunk driving offenses are generally asked by law enforcement officers to complete a series of tests and actions prior to being officially placed under arrest. These are commonly called field sobriety tests because they take place in the field, at the location of the initial traffic stop. It is important that you understand what officers are looking for with each test and also know what these tests can or cannot do.

DUI charges await incoming Buckeye football player

Given the chance, many in Cincinnati may choose to revisit their pasts and rethink some of the more reckless decisions they may have made in their youth. During one's teenage and early adult years, a lack of experience and well-developed judgment might lead him or her to doing things that he or she may undoubtedly later regret. Unfortunately, no amount of regret may erase the consequences of these poor decisions. The hope, however, is that such consequences do not follow him or her into adulthood, or worse yet, impact any opportunities for progression that he or she might have in the here and now. 

Do OVI laws apply to bicycles in Ohio?

What do you think of when someone mentions DUI, or OVI as it's called here in Ohio? If you are like most people, you probably envision a motor vehicle such as a passenger vehicle, motorcycle or truck pulled over and a driver participating in field sobriety tests with the flashing lights of the patrol car in his or her eyes. If you are a boating enthusiast, you may even know that boating under the influence is a thing.


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