Could Ohio traffic safety trend result in stricter enforcement?

Jun 7, 2016 | traffic violations

Various news reports have recently published the news that there has been an increase in a specific type of crash in the state. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the failure to yield has become a more common cause behind vehicular accidents.

In 2015, there was about a 9 percent increase in failure-to-yield crashes in Ohio compared to during the prior year. More than 200 people died in related accidents. When regulators see that there is a trend suggesting a certain safety concern, they could decide to more strictly regulate and/or enforce traffic laws.

Many of us have to drive a lot every day. We are all often in a hurry, juggling work, family, errands, etc. Through all of the driving we do day in and day out, everyone can make an error behind the wheel. There are also the cases wherein another motorist’s mistake frustratingly results in the wrong person being blamed for a traffic violation. 

No matter the situation, someone who is cited for failure to yield the right of way should not hesitate to discuss the traffic law matter with a criminal defense lawyer. Authorities can take this sort of violation seriously, and might decide to do so more because of recent traffic safety reports. An increased safety concern doesn’t erase an individual’s rights against unethical policing.

Statistics paint a broad picture. Your traffic violation case is yours alone. It is unique and should be treated as such. Work with a moving violations attorney in Ohio who can look at your specific case and tell you what actions would be in your best interest.