Traffic Tickets and Violations Lawyer: Protecting Your Rights And Driving Privileges

At Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law, we can help you if you’ve been slapped with any kind of moving violation in Ohio (both in and out-of-state drivers), including:

For more than 30 years, Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law has helped thousands of people in Ohio and across the country with speeding tickets and other traffic violations. We will provide an honest assessment of your circumstances and fully explain your options to help you keep your driving record clean.

We can:

  • Look for opportunities to have the charges against you reduced (for example, getting a reckless driving charge reduced to speeding)
  • Go to court on your behalf, which can be especially helpful if you live outside Ohio or have a commercial driver’s license
  • Defend you against OVI/DUI charges by challenging the evidence against you (such as the results of breath or field sobriety tests or pointing to instances where the authorities violated your rights)
  • Protect your driving privileges by appealing a suspension (court-ordered or administrative-based)
  • Pursue limited driving privileges if your license has been suspended, allowing you to drive to work
  • Pursue diversionary or driver’s intervention programs that mitigate the consequences of first-time offenses

Often, the first question people ask us is whether it is worth paying a lawyer to avoid paying the fine owed to the court. To be honest, not always (which is why we give Free Consultations!).

But the reality is that paying the ticket is an admission of guilt for a municipal offense. A traffic violation will have a negative impact on your driving record and often result in additional expenses and complications — many of which are unexpected.

To many drivers, a citation for speeding or aggressive driving may not seem like a big deal in the broader scheme of things. However, even a single violation can cause your insurance rates to spike and add points to your license. If you are from out of state, have a professional driver’s license or are an immigrant working on a green card, a violation can have other serious consequences that make life much more complicated.

Furthermore, drivers passing through from Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina and elsewhere may face significant consequences in their home states if they are cited in Ohio.

    Free Consultations-Let’s Talk About Your Traffic Ticket

    Whether you’re in Cincinnati, Columbus, Canton or Cleveland or from outside Ohio, we can help you reduce the negative implications of a traffic violation.

    Contact us online or call 513-549-7483 to schedule a free initial consultation. We work with clients and other attorneys throughout the state.

    At Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law, we are highly skilled and experienced at fighting traffic citations. We are committed to protecting you from any negative implications that can result from a speeding ticket or other moving violation. Often, we can represent clients without them having to go to court — which can be especially helpful for out-of-state clients and those with CDLs, saving two or three trips back to Ohio and lost income associated with those trips.