Drunk Driving Charges: Helping CDL Holders Bounce Back

It took a lot of time and dedication, but you’re the proud holder of a commercial driver’s license. Unfortunately, you got pulled over and charged with DUI. Now, you risk losing not only the CDL you worked so hard to earn, but also your prospects of a promising professional future.

A drunk driving charge can seem like the end of the world for CDL holders, especially in states like Ohio. Being able to get out on the road is essential to a productive career whether you’re an entry-level employee, one of Cincinnati’s many small-business owners or an out-of-state long-haul trucker. At Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law, we’ve been fighting for those whose futures depend on being able to stay behind the wheel for over 30 years, and we’re genuinely passionate about helping people like you pursue your career and a decent livelihood.

The ABCs Of DUIs For CDL Holders

A commercial driver doesn’t have to be judged guilty of an OVI or DUI charge for it to negatively impact his or her career. For instance, simply being arrested and accused of having a blood alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limit can result in a 90-day automatic CDL suspension. Refusing to be tested isn’t much better, as it may result in the administrative suspension period jumping up to one year. If events progress to the point where you’re convicted, you might:

  • Have to give up your CDL for a year, or forever if it’s your second conviction
  • Be punished with additional court sanctions
  • Face heightened criminal charges if your DUI resulted in an accident

Could talking to a lawyer be the right move for you? Mounting a defense is critical if you want to keep your career intact. Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law has been providing comprehensive and aggressive legal representation for people from all 50 states who fell afoul of Ohio’s tough traffic laws, and we’re prepared to help you next.

Understanding The DUI Process

The outcome of your OVI case depends on how proactive you are. For instance, even if you avoid a conviction, you’ll still need to fight to have your automatic administrative suspension canceled. You’ll also need to disprove any other charges against you, including an alleged CDL DUI violation in a personal vehicle.

Can you afford to gamble your professional progress on inaction? Contact Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law about your situation today by sending us a message online or calling (513) 549-7483. With the right attorney on your side, a DUI allegation doesn’t have to end your career — let us help you keep your CDL after a DUI.