What Our Clients Are Saying

“Mr. Hart got me off a 41 mile over speeding ticket 76 on a 35 with only a nonmoving violation and NO points on my license. And I didn’t even have to show up to court; he handled everything. He does an outstanding job.” — SO

“Attorney Hart did a fantastic job with my two separate traffic cases. I was in a situation that would have cost me my job if I got any points for either speeding ticket, which were in two different courts 100 miles apart in Ohio. I am ashamed to say I had 50-plus offenses on my driving record and he convinced the prosecutors in both counties to drop my speeding tickets to nonmoving (no points) violations. I didn’t think I would get out of this unscathed, but attorney Hart performed a miracle and I still have my license and my job. I highly recommend Robert Hart for any trouble you may have!” — JH

“Mr. Hart did an outstanding job representing me! I would recommend him to anyone involved in a traffic violation. Very prompt and professional at what he did! Thank you, Mr. Hart!” — AS

“Absolutely pleased with Robert Hart being our attorney. I didn’t have to be present, which is amazing, on behalf of me being in Texas. Definitely this is the best attorney I could have ever found! If you are looking for a great attorney, this is the place! Was able to stay in touch through email, which is amazing! Answered absolutely all of my questions! 10 stars⭐️! Thank you so much!” — CG

“Mr. Hart did an outstanding job! He got my ticket dropped from a speeding to a nonmoving violation. Mr. Hart was very friendly and took the time to explain everything to me. I give him five stars and I would recommend him to anyone.” — GW

“I am very pleased with Mr. Hart’s services. I cannot emphasize enough how important it was to my business to have good results. I was impressed with his personal, prompt response. I hope to never have a need for an attorney. But should I ever do so, I know who to run to. I highly recommend his services.” — JO

“I received a speeding ticket going 74 in a 55 on Highway 33 in Ohio. If I was convicted, I would have lost my driver’s license for 30 days (North Carolina law). Mr. Hart was able to get my ticket dropped to a broken taillight, which resulted in 0 points being added to my driving record and me paying a small fine.” — SB

“Took care of a traffic ticket where the judge was threatening to send me to jail and take my license. Robert got them to amend the charge to a no-points 4 mph violation. Very happy with his service!” — RG

“I have hired Mr. Hart twice and both times he has been successful in defending me on traffic violations. He is easily accessible, communicates well, and respects his clients and genuinely cares about them. I would highly recommend him in this realm!” — HE

“Another completely satisfied client. Thanks for saving the day, Mr. Hart!” — CA

“My wife called Mr. Hart. This turned into one of the successes in our life. After five years dealing with Mr. Hart, I highly recommend him for his professionalism, experience and expertise in rendering the type of service a client needs at any time. He is not only our lawyer, he is a personal friend of our family.” — AS

“Trying to find the words to express our gratitude for your immediate response to our request for help isn’t easy. It is no wonder you are so successful at what you do. Whatever the need, you are now and will be first on our list. Your name is being spread quickly among family and friends.” — JH

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