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Although traffic violations are serious issues for all drivers, professional drivers (those with commercial driver’s licenses and other special driving privileges) have much more to lose: Not only will a traffic violation result in fines and other penalties, but it can also cost a CDL driver his or her job.

At Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law, we understand that a CDL is more than just a driver’s license: It’s proof that you’re a professional driver and adhere to the highest standards of conduct on the road. If you require a CDL for your job, a traffic violation — on the job or off — can have a severe impact on your professional record. With over 30 years’ experience representing CDL holders, we understand what it takes to get a traffic violation reduced or dismissed, where possible. Our top priority is keeping your professional driving record clean for your current and future employment.

Whether You’re From Ohio Or Just Passing Through, We Can Help

If you have been cited for speeding, OVI/DUI, exceeding weight violations or any other moving or nonmoving violation, it’s important to obtain representation from a lawyer who knows the local laws and courts and how they factor into the specifics of your case. At Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law, we will work with you to mitigate the consequences or pursue dismissal or, at the very least, a reduction of the charges against you.

Below are just a few of the potential consequences both CDL-related violations and general violations can have on your CDL:

  • Loss of driving privileges if you are cited for a violation while in your personal vehicle and off the clock
  • Loss of your CDL for a minimum of 60 days if you commit two traffic violations in three years
  • A 120-day CDL suspension if you have three violations within three years
  • Severe penalties if you fail to notify your employer of previous traffic convictions occurring outside of Ohio
  • One-year license suspension if you are caught with .04 blood alcohol content (BAC) or under the influence of an illegal substance
  • One-year license suspension if you’re caught carrying unsanctioned hazardous materials
  • Lifetime revocation if you have two DUI convictions

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When it comes to traffic violations and other legal matters, there’s no substitute for working with a law firm that has years of experience handling cases in the community where your incident occurred. At Robert R. Hart, Jr., Attorney at Law, we have been representing drivers in Ohio — including commercial drivers, cross-country truck drivers and others with professional licenses — for over 30 years.

Often, we can make court appearances on your behalf, saving you trips to and from Ohio and time missed from work. From our office in Cincinnati, we help drivers nationwide who’ve been cited in Ohio. Call us today at 513-549-7483 or contact us online by sending an email. We handle traffic law and CDL-related cases across Ohio.