How can a traffic ticket affect my job as a driver?

Jun 13, 2016 | traffic violations

Many Ohio drivers will get a traffic ticket throughout the course of their lives. Citations for traffic violations have a more direct and significant impact on a specific class of drivers. Those who earn an income through driving have more at stake when faced with even a simple traffic violation allegation. 

Professional drivers in Ohio certainly should not hesitate to work with a criminal defense lawyer when arrested or ticketed by authorities. A guilty plea or violation on your record doesn’t just end with a fine and a simple slap on the wrist. Your professional privileges are at-risk — even if you were not working when issued a traffic ticket. 

That aspect of Ohio’s traffic and licensing laws can surprise many drivers. In the minds of many, what happens when a driver is on the clock is one thing, but should one’s driving in his or her personal car and time impact a work situation?

Whether one agrees with that legal detail or not, what matters is that it’s reality. Therefore, if you are a commercial driver and accused of a violation such as speeding, OVI or DUI, for example, working with a defense attorney experienced in traffic laws in your community is crucial. It isn’t just protecting your individual freedoms; it is also protecting the financial stability of the family you might have at home. 

All it takes is two traffic violations within three years for a CDL driver to temporarily lose their license for at least 60 days. One DUI/OVI violation with a BAC of 0.04 or above will cost a CDL driver their license for a year; two could cost a driver his professional license forever. 

These are just some of the Ohio CDL law basics. The right criminal defense attorney will know the rest and the laws’ intricacies. If you have questions or concerns about your traffic violations case and you are a commercial driver, seek legal counsel in order to learn the best course of action for your case.