Talking to a lawyer about traffic ticket is not overreaction

Jun 1, 2016 | traffic violations

This past weekend was a busy, high-risk time on Ohio roads. Memorial Day means that many people travel. With the change in traffic as well as the risk of DUIs, police were out in higher numbers to enforce traffic laws.

Did you experience the unfortunate event of getting pulled over and cited for a traffic violation over the weekend? Even if you were pulled over and cited for something as supposedly simple as speeding, you might want to discuss your legal options with a traffic violations defense attorney. 

Why should you fight a ticket?

There are various reasons why you might want to understand your legal situation. First, maybe you believe you are not guilty of committing the traffic offense for which you’ve been cited. It can be disheartening and irresponsible to take responsibility for a mistake you didn’t make. 

Blindly accepting a traffic ticket is irresponsible because you don’t just pay the fine and the ramifications stop there. Traffic violations add up and can impact your freedom before you know it. In Ohio, three moving violations in a year is serious enough to land you in jail. Beyond jail, which is daunting enough, you could temporarily lose your right to drive. 

Losing driving privileges is more than a legal punishment; it is a hurdle for someone who has to drive to their job. That can become more than an individual punishment, but a family punishment as well. 

Basically, something like a speeding ticket might not feel like a huge deal. Depending on your circumstances, however, working with a criminal defense lawyer with experience fighting traffic violations, will open your eyes to and protect you from the potential significant impact a citation can have on your rights.