Ohio checkpoints result in summonses and citations

Jul 21, 2016 | drunk driving

Sobriety checkpoints conducted in Boardman July 9 – 10 led to four people being taken into custody for OVI. There were a further nine citations for other traffic offenses found during the checkpoint, and two summonses were issued for drivers on a suspended license. The checkpoint was conducted by the Mahoning County OVI Task Force.

It was reported that a total of 15 cars were stopped for further inspection while another 24 were pulled over as part of saturation patrols. Additional checkpoints were scheduled for July 15 – 17 and were also to be conducted by the Mahoning County Task Force. Specific locations for the first round of checkpoints included South Avenue and U. S. Route 224. By law, authorities are required to disclose the times and locations of sobriety checkpoints.

Someone who is arrested for drunk driving will likely face serious charges. While often a misdemeanor in itself, aggravating factors could increase the charge to a felony. For instance, those who hurt or kill someone while driving drunk could face felony charges. It may also be a felony to have an extremely high blood-alcohol content at the time of a traffic stop. Penalties for an OVI may include a fine or jail time depending on the severity of the charge.

Drivers may wish to consult with an attorney after being charged with an OVI. It may be possible to dispute the charge in court by casting doubt upon physical evidence or witness testimony regarding the incident. For instance, a lawyer may argue that an individual was under the legal limit at the time of a traffic stop or that the stop was illegally conducted. This could nullify any evidence gathered from it.