Drunk driving and firearm charges aimed at Ohio lawmaker

Mar 21, 2017 | drunk driving

The Butler County Sheriff’s office confirmed that a deputy arrested the state representative for the district that includes portions of Hamilton, Fairfield, Ross, Hanover and St. Clair townships.

The 32-year-old lawmaker apparently passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle in the drive through of a McDonald’s restaurant. 

According to the report prepared by the deputy who responded to the scene, the man displayed confusion, had trouble standing up and smelled of alcohol. Law enforcement reported that the deputy found a loaded firearm on the seat of the vehicle. The state representative went to the county jail.

A Butler County judge reviewed the man’s charges of felony mishandling of a firearm and driving a vehicle under the influence and set bond at $2,500. The chair of the local Democratic Executive Committee issued a statement that expressed disappointment in the alleged actions of the politician. If a court convicts the state representative of a felony, he would no longer be authorized to serve in the legislature.

drunk driving conviction could affect the employment status or job prospects of many types of people. A person arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant could choose to consult an attorney. A defense strategy could emerge after an attorney reviews the arrest report and sobriety test. An attorney might achieve a reduction of criminal charges by negotiating with the prosecution. Legal challenges of improper police procedures or the person’s agreement to attend a substance abuse program might result in a lenient sentence. In some cases, a questionable sobriety test might enable the dismissal of a case. 

Source: Click Lancashire Independent News, “State Lawmaker Facing DUI, Weapons Charges”, Ruben Hill, March 13, 2017