Hayley Hasselhoff charged with DUI

May 19, 2017 | drunk driving

Ohio residents may have heard that Hayley Hasselhoff, the daughter of David Hasselhoff, has been arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. The incident occurred on May 13 in Los Angeles around 4 a.m.

According to police reports, witnesses saw Hasselhoff’s vehicle stopped on an off-ramp of the 101 Freeway. When officers with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arrived, they found Hasselhoff asleep behind her vehicle’s wheel with her foot resting on the brake pedal. After taking control of her car and waking her up, officers then administered field sobriety tests, which Hasselhoff reportedly failed.

Hasselhoff was transported to an area hospital to be evaluated. She was then taken from there to a jail and booked into custody. Hasselhoff has appeared on ABC’s “Huge” as well as in a feature film. It is unclear what her blood alcohol concentration was at the time it was measured.

Drunk driving can expose motorists to serious penalties if they are convicted. After being charged with the offense, people might want to retain legal representation from experienced criminal defense lawyers as soon as they possibly can. Counsel may be likelier to secure favorable resolutions to their clients’ cases. They may find problems with the manner in which the breathalyzer tests were performed and challenge their admission into evidence. If the officers failed to follow the 4th Amendment provisions for having reasonable suspicion for the stop, the lawyers may be able to win dismissal of the charges. In some cases, the lawyers may negotiate with the prosecutors to try to secure agreements to plead guilty to lesser offenses carrying less severe penalties.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Hayley Hasselhoff, daughter of David Hasselhoff, arrested for DUI“, Julia Brucculieri, May 15, 2017