Man with .316 BAC accused of hitting car

May 12, 2017 | drunk driving

An Ohio man was accused of driving under the influence after he allegedly collided with another vehicle and then led the driver on a chase around Alliance on May 3. The report noted that the whole incident occurred while the man was wearing a shirt that said, “This guy needs a beer.”

The man, age 37, allegedly struck another vehicle that was being driven by a woman before continuing to drive on as if nothing had happened. The woman then followed the man to a bank. After confronting him at the ATM, he allegedly drove off without his ATM card. She continued to follow him while calling the authorities.

When Alliance police came to the scene, the man told them that he had not been drinking. However, he had a blood alcohol content level of .316, approximately four times more than the legal limit. He was ultimately charged with drunk driving.

Drunk driving charges have serious consequences, even if the accused person is a first-time offender. Not only can an offender lose their license for a certain amount of time, but they may also have to spend time in jail and pay a fine. If the offender has a prior record, the consequences can become much more severe and have an impact on the person’s ability to get to work and run their daily errands. A criminal law attorney may review the aspects of the case and find ways to build a strong defense strategy that could protect the defendant from the most severe consequences.