A speeding ticket could involve more than just a monetary fine

Aug 29, 2017 | speeding tickets

If you are facing a traffic violation, you might have concerns about the impact a conviction could have on your life. Like many others, you may rely on the ability to drive for a variety of reasons, and a suspension of your license could prove exceedingly detrimental.

A citation for speeding can carry serious penalties, which may only increase in severity with each successive offense. Perhaps you wish to protect your driving privileges and avoid having another mark on your record, but you might be uncertain how to achieve this goal.

Challenging a speeding ticket

Even a first offense for speeding in Ohio could result in a hefty fine and suspension of your license for up to six months. Chances are you probably wish to avoid unnecessary consequences in this area of life, potentially prompting you to wonder about the available options with which to challenge the violation. Your ability to fight a ticket will likely depend on the circumstances present during the initial traffic stop, and some crucial factors to consider may include the following:

  • Challenging method of determination:  You may be able to question the accuracy of the methods used in determining rate of speed, such as a radar gun or traffic camera. These types of equipment may require frequent calibration and maintenance, and their results are hardly infallible.
  • Presence of an emergency:  Perhaps your circumstances were forcing you to travel above the speed limit. If you were experiencing a medical emergency or had concerns for your safety, you may be able to argue that speeding was a necessity.
  • Wrongful accusation:  If a car of similar make and model as your own is caught speeding, and you are the one involved in the traffic stop, you will probably want to avoid suffering the consequences.

With the weight of a conviction looming overhead, you could be feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the process and in need of assistance, and seeking guidance from someone with experience in the area could be in your best interests.

Obtaining guidance

In addition to the potential of suspension of license, a violation for speeding could also have an impact on your insurance rates, which could be devastating. Perhaps you wish to challenge your speeding ticket, but the process can be challenging to navigate, especially alone. You could speak with someone with extensive knowledge in Ohio state traffic laws for advice on the consequences you may face, as well as guidance on available options for defense, which could help prepare you to pursue the most favorable outcome possible during legal proceedings.