Checkpoints lead to 3 arrests

Sep 22, 2017 | drunk driving

According to law enforcement authorities, checkpoints that were held on Ohio 128 in Ross Township and on Tylersville Road in West Chester Township on Sept. 15 resulted in three OVI arrests. Two of the arrests happened in West Chester Township while the remaining OVI arrest happened in Ross Township.

The checkpoints were conducted by the Butler County OVI Task Force. According to the coordinator, 1,154 vehicles traveled through the West Chester checkpoint between 9 p.m. and 12 a.m. The checkpoint in Ross Township was conducted as a joint effort by the Ohio State Patrol and the Butler County OVI Task Force.

Authorities claim that the checkpoints are meant as a deterrent to others while also removing the drivers who are caught from the roads. There is no information about the people who were arrested in the checkpoints or whether they remain in jail.

Drunk driving allegations may bring potentially serious consequences that can have long-lasting effects. People who are convicted of OVIs or DUIs may lose their licenses, be imprisoned, pay thousands in fines, be placed on probation and ordered to attend mandatory alcohol classes. Criminal defense attorneys who are experienced in handling drunk driving cases may be able to identify defenses that their clients can raise. They may also be able to negotiate plea agreements to lesser charges with fewer consequences. In some cases, the attorneys may identify problems with how the stops and investigations were conducted and file motions challenging the admissibility of the evidence. If the manner in which the stops or investigations were conducted was unconstitutional, the attorneys may win suppression of the evidence and dismissal of the charges.

Source: Journal-News, “Two arrested in West Chester OVI saturation patrol“, Denise Callahan, Sept. 16, 2017