Columbus man faces charges after traffic stop

Sep 15, 2017 | drunk driving

Dublin police said that a Columbus 28-year-old man was driving with a 12-year-old child in his vehicle while under the influence of alcohol on Aug. 25. When authorities made the traffic stop, they noticed an odor of alcohol coming from the man’s vehicle. It was unclear what prompted police to make the stop.

When an officer made contact with the man, he reportedly admitted to drinking three beers prior to driving. The driver was asked to perform field sobriety tests that were recorded on the officer’s dash cam before being taken into custody. He faces charges of child endangerment as well as OVI.

A driver who is charged with drunk driving is not necessarily guilty of the offense. It simply means that an officer may have been under the impression that a driver could have been impaired. However, it is possible that a vehicle was being driven erratically because there was a problem with its alignment or a flat tire. Furthermore, the driver may have been experiencing a medical emergency with symptoms that mimicked those of being under the influence of alcohol.

Those who are facing an OVI charge may wish to talk with an attorney. A lawyer might be able to create a defense to the charge in an effort to obtain a favorable outcome for a defendant. In some cases, OVI charges may be thrown out before trial. It is also possible to negotiate a plea bargain that may reduce the charge or the penalties that a person may face. Possible penalties for an OVI conviction include a fine, jail time and license suspension or revocation.