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October 2017 Archives

State representatives consider workaround to traffic cameras

In July 2017, the Ohio Supreme Court maintained for the third time that cities in the state could enforce traffic laws with cameras. In its latest ruling, it declared that a police officer did not have to be present to issue the ticket. However, state legislators are thinking of other ways to possible challenge the use of traffic cameras. One idea is to limit state funds to smaller cities that use traffic cameras as a means of generating revenue.

Ohio man sentenced for fourth OVI

An Ohio man who once fatally struck a bicyclist while drunk was sentenced to spend 340 days in jail for an Operating a Vehicle Impaired conviction stemming from a traffic stop in July 2017. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the man climbed from the driver's seat into the back seat of his vehicle when he was pulled over. A municipal court judge found him guilty of obstructing official business and OVI.

Ohio woman drives wrong way on interstate

A 41-year-old Ohio woman was taken into custody on Sept. 22 after she drove 5 miles on Interstate 71 in the wrong direction. Around 2 a.m., a police officer saw her in the northbound lanes near the Ronald Reagan Highway driving south. She had been spotted earlier about 5 miles away driving the wrong way. Police were initially made aware of the situation by 911 callers. There is dash cam footage of the car driving the wrong way near the Ronald Reagan Highway and nearly hitting a tractor-trailer.


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