Cornerback for the Seahawks facing drunk driving charges

Jan 25, 2018 | drunk driving

Ohio football fans may be interested to learn that Jeremy Lane, a cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, was facing charges for driving under the influence on Jan. 14. The player was taken into custody in Washington state after he blew what he said was a .03 percent on a Breathalyzer test.

The report said that he was taken to King County Jail where he was booked at about 5:30 a.m. He was released from jail about four hours later on his own recognizance. Although the Seahawks did not respond to the news regarding the incident, Lane claimed in a tweet that he was under the legal limit in Washington state, which is .08 percent.

While it is true that the legal limit in every state is .08 percent, Washington state law provides that motorists can be charged with DUI if they appear to be driving a vehicle while being under the influence or while being affected by drugs, alcohol, or a combination of both, regardless of the concentration of alcohol in their breath or blood.

In the state of Ohio, it is illegal fora person to drive while “visibly impaired”, even if the person has a blood alcohol concentration that is lower than the legal limit of .08 percent. For example, a person may be charged with drunk driving if he or she has slurred speech, glassy eyes or smells like alcohol. Because the consequences for being accused of drunk driving are varied and can affect a person’s daily life, a criminal defense attorney may work to minimize the consequences, which could include a driver’s license suspension, fines, and other penalties.

Source: USA Today, “Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane charged with DUI“, Tom Schad, Jan. 15, 2018