3 questions you may have about reckless driving

Feb 20, 2018 | reckless driving

Having a driver’s license often helps many people accomplish numerous errands and other tasks. Though having the ability to drive to different locations is convenient, you may want to remember that you could easily lose that privilege if authorities feel that you have acted in a manner that could put yourself or others at risk while you are behind the wheel. Many traffic violations often come with a simple fine, but others could result in the loss of your license or other consequences.

In particular, reckless driving could have serious impacts on your driving record and ability to maintain your license. However, the definition of reckless driving varies from state to state, and often, such accusations depend heavily on the views of the officer involved in the traffic stop. Luckily, you can take steps to defend against allegations of reckless driving.

What constitutes reckless driving?

As mentioned, many states have different legal definitions for reckless driving, but even if certain actions are not specifically mentioned, you could still face a reckless driving charge. Several acts generally fall into the category of reckless driving, and some of those violations include:

  • Driving at excessive speeds
  • Racing on public roads
  • Passing on hills or other areas with limited views
  • Attempting to evade police
  • Displays of road rage
  • Reckless stunts on public roads
  • Disregarding traffic instructions and safety measures

Due to the lack of specificity in many state laws regarding reckless driving, an officer may use his or her own judgment in regard to whether your actions may have been considered reckless. This could mean that even if you do not feel that you acted in a reckless manner, the officer may still charge you.

What are consequences of reckless driving?

Depending on the details of the traffic stop and charge, you could face various consequences if convicted of reckless driving. Some punishments could include fines, jail sentences or, as mentioned, license suspension. If authorities believe that reckless actions on your part contributed to a serious car accident, you may face even more severe charges and potential punishments.

How can you defend against charges?

Though reckless driving is a traffic violation, you can still defend against such allegations. If successful, you could lessen consequences or even have the charge dropped. In order to effectively address allegations made against you, you may wish to explore your defense options and obtain reliable information from local Ohio legal resources.