Repeat offenders face significant DUI penalties

Mar 22, 2018 | drunk driving

Two men had their driver’s licenses suspended after having multiple convictions for DUI over the past several years. A 55-year-old man was stopped for having a loud muffler and was then found to be driving under the influence of alcohol. In addition to the 20-year driver’s license suspension, he was given a six-month jail sentence. That sentence could increase to 30 months with a positive alcohol test prior to his report date.

He will also pay a $2,000 fine and be forced to wear a SCRAM unit for six months. A 42-year-old man also lost his license for 20 years after two convictions for felony DUI over a period of seven years. When he was pulled over in October 2017, he failed to comply with an officer in a timely manner, which he received a felony charge for. When police caught up with the man, he was driving on a suspended license and had a meth pipe in his possession.

He was sentenced to 90 days in jail followed by a stint in rehab. The man will also spend five years on probation, and a violation of that probation could result in 5 1/2 more years in jail. At sentencing, the driver apologized to the judge and admitted that he had a problem.

Those who are charged with drunk driving may face significant penalties such as incarceration and fines. Penalties may increase significantly for those who have previous convictions for drunk driving or driving while impaired on another substance. Therefore, it may be best for an individual to meet with an attorney in order to develop a defense strategy.