Ohio man arrested for drunk driving after hitting police car

Apr 13, 2018 | drunk driving

A 34-year-old man made it is easy for law enforcement to notice his poor driving when he struck a car belonging to the Youngstown Police Department. The officer driving the cruiser reported that the man tried to pass him in the turn lane on Market Street before spinning and hitting the police car. The officer pursued the vehicle and eventually pulled the man over at the intersection of East Judson Avenue and Market. The driver could not stand on his feet when the officer tried to initiate a field sobriety test.

After the man was arrested, he was administered a breath test at the police station that indicated a blood alcohol concentration of .233, which is nearly three times the legal limit of .08. The police report indicated that the man’s car contained a marijuana cigarette and a bag believed to contain more marijuana.

According to the arrest report, authorities had suspended the man’s license on 20 previous occasions. He still had four open suspensions. He received a citation for operating a vehicle under the influence and possessing marijuana. The officer whose car that he hit gave him a ride home.

A person arrested for drunk driving might wish to work with an attorney to develop a defense strategy. The efforts of a lawyer might prevent an overly harsh sentence that could include fines and jail time. An attorney could examine the circumstances of a person’s arrest and check to see if police administered a sobriety test accurately. Problems with breath testing equipment might also create cause to question a blood alcohol level. In addition to challenging weak evidence, a lawyer might negotiate a plea bargain that includes alcohol counseling instead of jail time.

Source: The Vindicator, “South Side man faces OVI, driver’s license violations“, April 9, 2018