Steve Wilkos to enter DUI diversionary program

Apr 26, 2018 | drunk driving

While not a household name, Steve Wilkos might be familiar to many Ohio residents who have seen ‘The Jerry Springer Show.” Wilkos is an entertainer who started his time in the public eye as the security director on ‘The Jerry Springer Show,” and he now has his own talk show. However, the TV personality is currently making headlines for a suspected drunk driving incident.

The accident took place in January 2018 when Wilkos’s vehicle landed on its passenger side after striking a tree and poles near the roadside. The talk show host suffered some injuries in the crash, and his program briefly halted production while he healed.

The single-vehicle wreck happened in Connecticut, and Wilkos is supposed to complete one of the state’s alcohol education programs. Successful completion of the diversionary program would result in the removal of the DUI charge from his record. The program involves a 15-week educational course, and Wilkos must also participate in a panel with drunk driving victims.

Initial reports regarding the crash featured a different explanation for the incident. Wilkos first said the accident happened because he was not wearing the glasses he typically needs when operating a vehicle. In fact, Wilkos claimed that he was trying to locate his glasses when the collision happened. However, Wilkos now admits that he struggles with drinking and says he has spent time in rehab to address this issue. He called his decision to get behind the wheel after drinking a lapse in judgment.

Participation in a rehab program or educational course is just one potential consequence following a drunk driving conviction. One may also face fines, time in jail, higher insurance premiums and a driver’s license suspension. To avoid these outcomes, there are multiple options available to those charged with a DUI offense. For example, an attorney might try to get charges dropped or negotiate a plea bargain for lesser charges.