Points can lead to a license suspension

Jun 20, 2018 | traffic violations | 0 comments

There are many consequences traffic tickets can have for drivers. For some violations, points are put onto a person’s license. What is the significance of getting such points? Well, for one, having too many points on your license can trigger a license suspension here in Ohio.

Specifically, 12 points is the threshold for a license suspension in the state. In counting how many points a driver has for the sake of determining if he or she has hit this threshold, only the points accrued in the past two years are counted.

How long is a license suspension for having too many points on your license? It is generally six months.

What does a person have to do to get their license reinstated following such a suspension? The requirements for reinstatement include: a reinstatement fee, a remedial driving course, a driver license exam and a certificate of insurance.

So, there are significant consequences to hitting the 12-point threshold here in Ohio. Given this, when a person is accused of a traffic violation in the state, what point implications the violation would have for their license matters greatly. Some violations don’t carry points. Those that do have points vary in how many points are connected to them.

Skilled traffic ticket defense attorneys can help individuals accused of traffic violations here in Ohio understand what sorts of consequences the ticket could have for them, including point-related consequences. They can also help such individuals understand what options they have for protecting what’s important to them, including their driver’s license.