DUI charges await incoming Buckeye football player

Jul 20, 2018 | drunk driving

Given the chance, many in Cincinnati may choose to revisit their pasts and rethink some of the more reckless decisions they may have made in their youth. During one’s teenage and early adult years, a lack of experience and well-developed judgment might lead him or her to doing things that he or she may undoubtedly later regret. Unfortunately, no amount of regret may erase the consequences of these poor decisions. The hope, however, is that such consequences do not follow him or her into adulthood, or worse yet, impact any opportunities for progression that he or she might have in the here and now.

It is yet to be seen how extensive the damage may be from the outcome of a recent case involving an incoming freshman member of the Ohio State University football team. Neither the school or the athletic department has yet to comment on the standing of the young man after he was arrested in Pennsylvania for allegedly driving under the influence. The charges he is facing suggest that he had a high level of alcohol in system. That information (coupled with the fact that he is a minor) could leave him facing more severe penalties that he might otherwise have.

The hope is that whatever criminal consequences this young man might be made to face will not be so far-reaching as to impact his future (even if it does not end up including football). He and others like him may need the support of family members and friends to get through such troubled times. Those support networks might also be well-served to seek out resources to help their loved ones earn favorable outcomes to their cases. An experienced attorney may just be such a resource.