Point suspensions and driving school

Aug 18, 2018 | traffic violations

People who hold Ohio driver’s licenses should always be aware of the state’s laws concerning points on a person’s driving record. It can be easier than some people might think to amass points on a driver’s license. Rolling stops at otherwise quiet intersections, speeding tickets and other violations all may put points on a driver’s record. Over time, the number of points could cause problems for the driver.

As explained by the State of Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the state will send out a warning notice to people if they get at least six points added to their record in less than two years. This notice is a hardcopy letter that is sent to whatever address the BMV has on file for the driver. If the number of points on the driver’s record continues to increase and reaches 12 in the two years, another notice is mailed out and this one will detail a suspension of driving privileges.

Unless an appeal is initiated, a driver’s license will be suspended starting 20 days after the date on which the second notice was mailed. The suspension may last for a total of six months. Reinstatement of a driver’s license is not automatic after the suspension period. Instead, a driver must meet several criteria including the successful completion of a driving school that is approved by the state.

The Ohio Revised Code notes that a qualifying driving school will have a varied curriculum with at least half of the time spent equally on the laws and impact of drunk or drugged driving and on the attitude of a driver.