Seeing red after getting a ticket for running a stop sign?

Aug 21, 2018 | traffic violations

Heading out on the road is likely a daily occurrence for you. Whether you have to commute to work, take the kids to school or run various errands, you typically find yourself behind the wheel of your vehicle at some point during the day. As a result, you likely also come across various traffic signals and stop signs.

While these signs and signals are in place to help direct the flow of traffic and keep travelers like you safe, you have undoubtedly seen someone skirt through an intersection without fully stopping at a stop sign or cutting it close at a changing traffic light. You may have even done this yourself once or twice while in a hurry. Of course, not fully adhering to traffic signs and signals could lead to a traffic ticket.

Did you stop?

One of the most common reasons that individuals receive tickets for running a stop sign is because they did not come to a full stop or stop long enough. You may have heard of this action referred to as a “rolling stop,” which means a driver slows down considerably while glancing both ways at the stop sign but does not bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

You may have thought you came to a complete stop only to see blue lights in your rearview mirror not long after. You may ask the officer what the problem is only for him or her to tell you that you ran the stop sign. You may feel like that was not the case, but still, you ended up with a traffic ticket.

Other common violations

In addition to a rolling stop, other violations could result in this type of traffic ticket. A driver may come to a red light or red arrow at an intersection, and because no other cars are coming, that driver may simple proceed through the intersection. Another scenario could involve a driver making a right turn at a red light though prohibited at that intersection. A driver could also receive a ticket for running a red light or stop sign if he or she does not follow proper right-of-way procedures.

Fighting a ticket

Fortunately, even if you did receive a traffic ticket for running a red light or stop sign, you do not have to simply accept the consequences. If you feel such action suits the situation, you can contact an attorney to discuss your options for fighting the ticket.