Pilot program for drivers with suspended licenses

Nov 18, 2018 | driving under suspension

Many people in Ohio might think that a driver has to do something extremely grievous in order to have their driver’s license suspended. Certainly, the suspension of a driver’s license may well be associated with a serious situation but there are also other situations that may lead a person to have their driving privileges suspended that one would not consider serious. These situations can often put people who may already be facing challenges in an even worse situation as they then become forced to pay very high prices to have their driving privileges reinstated.

For a driver who has had a license suspended, a choice must be made. That choice could include taking public transportation but requires that a person live and work in an area where this is truly feasible. Another choice may be to have another person drive them for some time but then they become dependent on others. Both of these things can become not only cumbersome but not sustainable for people who are responsible for others like children or elderly relatives who must be taken to medical appointments.

According to the Ohio Code, any driver who operates a vehicle while their driver’s license is suspended may be charged with a first degree misdemeanor, resulting in even more consequences and potentially even higher costs to pay.

As reported by Cleveland.com, a six-month pilot program went into effect late this summer that allows drivers with suspended licenses to petition for their reinstatement fees to be either reduced or eliminated. This may well allow many people who can’t afford the fines to legally get back their right to drive which, in turn, helps them to support themselves and their families.