Lane violation stop leads to drunk driving arrest

Dec 16, 2018 | drunk driving

People who live in Ohio should be aware of how a person might end up being investigated for suspected drunk driving. These situations generally start with a driver being pulled over by an officer for a reason that may have nothing at all to do with potentially being impaired. In fact, an officer might have no such thoughts in their mind in some cases while in other cases an officer might think there is a chance a driver could be impaired based on how they are driving. Nonetheless, the officer must have a solid cause before stopping a driver.

In the case of a sheriff’s deputy from Lucas County, reports that the man was stopped by the Ohio Highway Patrol for some type of traffic lane violation. It is not known exactly what the violation is but one example might be failing to drive in one lane and, instead, partially veering into an adjacent lane of traffic.

Once stopped, the officer somehow suspected that the driver might have been intoxicated and eventually asked him to submit to a breath test. The driver refused. No details about the results of any field sobriety tests were given in the report. 

The driver, a 12-year veteran of the Lucas County Sheriff Department, was first transferred to different duties but then initiated a leave of absence for the time being. He will have a hearing in the matter of his alleged drunk driving in late December. An internal investigation at the sheriff’s department is also expected to be conducted.