New distracted driving laws in 2019

Dec 29, 2018 | traffic violations

Most adults in Ohio have likely used a cell phone while driving in their cars. Over the last several years, a lot of attention has been placed on phone use by drivers and today, there are a variety of headsets or technologies built into vehicles to allow people to make and receive phone calls while driving without taking their hands off the steering wheels.

As reported by, Ohio’s distracted driving law was what is known as a secondary law. This means that a police officer can not pull a driver over for this offense. However, once a driver is stopped, the officer may be able to add distracted driving to another citation or violation. However, starting in 2019, that will all change and distracted driving will become a primary offense throughout the state.

Furthermore, it is not only the use of a mobile phone that can be identified as distracted driving. Shaving, applying lipstick or even eating might end up causing a driver to be pulled over if an officer feels the person’s ability to drive safely is compromised.

The News Wheel adds that tending to a dog in the car can also lead a person to be cited for distracted driving, at least in Mantua. Pet owners will no longer be able to drive with their furry companions on their laps. Even turning their head to face the dog for some reason may be cause for an officer to pull a driver over. A first offense for pet-related distracted driving will be considered a minor misdemeanor.