Portage County judge facing DUI charges

Feb 17, 2019 | drunk driving

It is not as though the dangers associated with drunk driving are a recent discovery. This may cause some to question how is it that anyone would make the mistake of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. The fact that it still happens may speak to just how much drinking can inhibit someone’s judgment. Of course, people may understand this as well, which then may cause some to wonder if whether the fact that people still drink and drive might be an indication of their dependence on alcohol. 

Oftentimes, those arrested for DUI are people that many would say should know better. Given their familiarity with their states’ criminal codes, those who have worked as criminal law attorneys might be the last people would expect to drive drunk. Yet a recent DUI case in Brimfield seemingly dispels this notion. A Portage County Common Pleas Court judge (who had formerly worked as  Mahoning County prosecutor) was arrested for drunk driving after a law enforcement officer discovered her after she had reportedly crashed her SUV into a ditch. The officer’s body cam recorded the details of their interaction, which included her admitting to him that she was intoxicated.  

Given the impact that a DUI arrest could have on the career of one in this woman’s position (or others in similar positions), one might assume that they would avoid driving while intoxicated at all costs. That they still do may be evidence of a deeper problem that needs to be addressed. Alcohol dependency treatment might be included as part of a penalty for a DUI, and such assistance may be welcomed. Yet those facing drunk driving charges may need to fight for it. Such assistance might be earned much easier if one has an attorney fighting for their interests.