Why would you need an SR-22?

Nov 20, 2019 | traffic violations

You have just been informed by the court that you need an SR-22. Like many Ohio residents, this may leave you feeling concerned and a bit confused. What exactly is an SR-22, and why do you need it? What does this mean for your driving record and your future?

According to Progressive, an SR-22 is a type of high-risk automobile insurance that is typically ordered by the court or your local jurisdiction under certain circumstances. SR-22 coverage is generally more expensive than regular insurance, and you will be required to maintain it for a certain time period – usually about three years – before your risk is considered low enough to allow you to obtain ordinary insurance again. The circumstances that can result in an SR-22 requirement may include the following:

  • Driving without insurance or being insufficiently covered
  • Being convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to pay court-mandated child support
  • Having too many violations or accidents that were determined to be your fault
  • Being issued a hardship license
  • Having repeat offenses within a limited time period

You may wonder how you obtain SR-22 coverage. Your current auto insurance company should provide this option, or you may get information from the court or from numerous insurance companies online. It is also important to note that your insurer is unlikely to automatically revert your insurance to normal coverage after the required period is up. You will need to contact your insurance company when you are no longer required to have an SR-22.

Since SR-22 coverage can impact your record and finances, it is important to understand that this information should not be considered legal advice.