Can communities still use traffic cameras?

Feb 10, 2020 | traffic violations

Safety is the number one priority on the roadways. Often, it is the police who enforce traffic laws and ensure that drivers are behaving appropriately on the road. Another way that you can receive a ticket is through the mail after your violations appear on camera. In Ohio, you may notice that cameras are beginning to disappear. Many people believed these cameras to be an invasion of privacy. However, despite the cameras disappearing, you may be wondering if the cameras are legal at all anymore. 

According to, traffic cameras are still legal. Over the years, there has been a lot of controversy over traffic cameras. The arguments against traffic cameras include that they might be a way to grab money from unsuspecting drivers. Those who argue these points generally want more restrictions. There are arguments for traffic cameras also. 

Some arguments to keep traffic cameras include: 

  • Cameras provide police free time to deal with other crime 
  • Cameras act as a deterrent to those who speed or cross during a red light 
  • Tickets and fees deter people from speeding when cameras are present 

On the other hand, there are individuals that argue against traffic cameras as a revenue generator. Some believe that officers deter speeding and other traffic violations more than cameras do. Often, a person may not even realize that he or she violated the law or ended up on camera until he or she receives the ticket a month later in the mail. 

Communities in Ohio can still use traffic cameras. While there are restrictions and communities that use cameras may lose money, it is legal to have traffic cameras in Ohio.