Distracted driving in a safety corridor can lead to tickets

Mar 12, 2020 | traffic violations

Distracted driving is a major problem on Ohio roads, and law enforcement hopes that by taking certain steps, such as designating part of I-75 as a safety corridor, this dangerous behavior can be discouraged. As a result, more drivers could be pulled over for using their phones while behind the wheel and given tickets for various types of infractions.

The state recently announced that it had designated I-75 between Allen and Hancock, a stretch of 20 miles, as a Distracted Driving Safety Corridor. Along this stretch, law enforcement will have zero tolerance for texting or drivers engaging in any type of distracting activities. This area was chosen because of the prevalence of distracted driving accidents along this portion of interstate.

State officials say that while fatal accidents in the state were declining overall, there was an uptick in these types of accidents starting around 2013. It is believed that the widespread use of cellphones is to blame for this troubling trend, and there will be increased patrols along this safety corridor to monitor for dangerous driver behaviors. In other places in the state, designating a specific area as a safety corridor has had positive results.

Ohio drivers who get traffic tickets may think their only option is to pay the ticket and move forward. However, this can lead to increased insurance rates and other complications. It is possible to resolve this matter without going to court, but it requires experienced legal guidance from someone who knows the system. Before paying a ticket, it may help to learn about the legal options available.