Texting and driving could lead to penalties for Ohio drivers

Mar 6, 2020 | traffic violations

Distracted driving is a dangerous habit, and it can increase the risk of car accidents. Thanks to the widespread use of smartphones and in-car technology, Ohio drivers are more distracted than ever before. In fact, accidents related to distraction keep rising, but a proposed bill could help. If it passes, it could bring harsh penalties to those who text and drive in Ohio.

A distracted driver can display some of the same behaviors as a drunk driver. If the proposed Hands Free Ohio bill passes, it could bring similar penalties to those who cause injury or fatalities in a distraction-related accident as it does for those who cause harm in a drunk driving accident. Under this new law, law enforcement in the state would have the authority to pull drivers over if seen driving while using their phones.

Right now, police cannot pull a driver over for texting or using a phone unless they see another traffic violation. For example, a distracted driver may violate the marked lanes on the road, and they can be stopped for that. Law enforcement hopes that lawmakers will pass this law and that it will lead to a reduction in distracted driving accidents throughout the state.

If this law passes, more drivers in Ohio will be facing legal complications over texting and driving. The penaltiesassociated with this proposed law are steep, and they may want to learn more about their defense options. It is beneficial to take any type of traffic violation or criminal charge seriously as it can potentially impact everything from driving privileges to future opportunities.