Tougher laws on distraction result in more traffic violations

Apr 10, 2020 | traffic violations

Like everywhere else in the country, distracted driving is a serious safety concern in Ohio. In certain parts of the state, particularly in Allen and Hancock counties, law enforcement authorities are cracking down on drivers who are engaging in dangerous behaviors behind the wheel. Police are giving out more traffic violations for drivers who are texting, and some think lawmakers should toughen state laws to bring harsher penalties for distracted drivers.

Currently, police have to witness distracted drivers engaging in other dangerous behaviors, such as speeding, in order to pull them over. Because texting is not a primary offense, law enforcement is limited in how they can enforce laws and make the roads safer. Certain areas have been designated for additional police monitoring.

If police notice an Ohio driver committing a primary offense, it can result in steep penalties. The penalties can escalate when there is evidence of distracted driving as well. A violation can lead to fines and other consequences such as increased insurance rates. This can be particularly difficult for someone who drives for a living or has a commercial driver’s license.

Some do not understand the importance of fighting back against traffic violations, instead assuming it is simply easier to just pay the fines and move on. This is essentially an admission of guilt, and it can have consequences that affect more than many realize. Whether a driver gets a ticket for speeding or is facing fines for another reason, he or she may want to speak with an experienced attorney regarding the possibility of fighting back and possibly avoiding certain penalties.