Serious implications of driving on suspended license

May 19, 2020 | driving under suspension

One of the most important privileges enjoyed by Ohio adults is the right to drive. When a license is suspended, it affects a driver’s ability to shop, go to school, get to work and take kids where they need to go. It can be tempting to simply get behind the wheel and drive when it’s necessary, but driving with a suspended license can bring severe consequences.

There are many reasons for a license suspension. One common reason is for drunk driving, but others include reckless driving, accumulating points on a driving record, driving without proper insurance and failure to keep up with child support payments. If a driver is caught behind the wheel with a suspended license, it is a misdemeanor offense.

This misdemeanor offense may come with consequences that include the potential for jail time, thousands of dollars in fines and the possibility of losing the license for an additional period of time. It is important for an Ohio driver to avoid these penalties and work to reinstate the license. Restoring driving privileges can be a complex process, which is why many find it helpful to work with an experienced attorney.

Driving with a suspended license comes with serious implications. After this or after losing a license, a driver will want to take quick action to learn how he or she can avoid additional complications and potentially restore the right to drive. An assessment of the case can reveal what options may be available and how an individual can pursue the best possible outcome for the situation.