Ohio driver arrested for drunk driving, admits to drug use

Jul 10, 2020 | drunk driving

An Ohio driver was arrested this past week after law enforcement initially pulled him over for suspected intoxicated driving. Police noted that during the traffic stop, the driver was extremely talkative. During his conversation with police, he also apparently admitted that he smoked marijuana on a regular basis. He was arrested for drunk driving after failing a sobriety test but is charged with various drug charges.

Law enforcement initiated the traffic stop after they noticed a vehicle weaving in and out of traffic. Reportedly, the vehicle would also speed up and slow down, a behavior that can sometimes indicate drunk driving. Police stated they smelled alcohol and marijuana while talking with the driver through the car window. He was also asked if he had anything illegal in the vehicle.

It was noted that police could see a bottle of alcohol in plain view through the vehicle window. The driver claimed that he did not have anything to drink as he preferred to smoke cannabis. A search of the vehicle found marijuana, marijuana candy and more, and he had unidentified pills in his pocket. He is officially charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, driving with a suspended license and drug abuse.

This case serves as a reminder to Ohio drivers who are pulled over for suspected drunk driving not to incriminate themselves when talking with police. Admitting criminal activity to a law enforcement officer will complicate defense efforts. This individual would be wise to seek defense help, looking for ways to challenge the prosecution’s case and potentially mitigate penalties.