Speeding in certain neighborhoods can be costly

Aug 12, 2020 | speeding tickets

An accident between a moving vehicle and a pedestrian can be deadly. Even when the vehicle is traveling at a slow rate of speed, an unprotected body is no match for the heavy steel and metal frame of a car or truck. For this reason, there are strict speed limits in areas of Ohio where there are a lot of pedestrians, such as a neighborhood. Speeding in some of these areas can lead to expensive traffic tickets.

To protect pedestrians in residential areas, Toledo City Council members have proposed new legislation that will increase fines for speeding. The proposal suggests doubling fines, which in turn could discourage unsafe driving. It will be twice as expensive for drivers who speed in certain areas than in other places in the city.

Revenues created from these tickets will be used for additional traffic devices and infrastructure in the city. Local residents are hopeful the new legislation passes and that it reduces speeding in their cities. Drivers going even a few miles per hour over the speed limit in a residential area could find themselves facing expensive fines and other consequences, such as increased insurance rates.

There are times when it could be worthwhile to fight a speeding ticket. This is especially true for a young driver or a driver who has other moving violations on his or her record in the year. After getting a ticket, it may be helpful to seek legal guidance regarding the possibility of fighting the ticket, mitigating some of the penalties associated with a moving violation and protecting driving privileges.