Repeat offender arrested again for drunk driving

Sep 23, 2020 | drunk driving

An Ohio driver is facing serious legal repercussions after an arrest for intoxicated driving. At the time of her most recent drunk driving arrest, she was apparently operating a vehicle while on a suspended license. Police had been notified by witnesses that a car was being operated erratically, leading to police searching for a red Subaru. One driver called the police to say the same vehicle had hit his or her vehicle and then left the scene of the accident.

Law enforcement located the vehicle in a parking lot and approached to talk to the driver. They report smelling alcohol on the driver, and the driver was apparently unable to give a coherent story about what she had been doing when asked by the police multiple times. The driver was unable to complete a sobriety test without swaying, after which she was arrested. Police found two alcoholic drinks in her vehicle, but they were unopened.

While in the police vehicle, she purportedly asked them about placing someone under arrest if they had only had three or four drinks. When dealing with police during a drunk driving arrest, an Ohio driver will want to avoid admitting guilt or providing details such as how much he or she had to drink as this information could be used against him or her later. This driver would likely have found it beneficial to ask for legal counsel as soon as possible.

With a previous drunk driving offense on a driver’s record, it may seem like fighting the charge is useless. In reality, it is always prudent to present a strong defense when facing a criminal charge, regardless of what happened in the past. With the right help, it may be possible to mitigate some of the potential penalties a driver is facing or keep an additional conviction off his or her record.