Suspected drunk driving accident may lead to criminal charges

Nov 6, 2020 | drunk driving

A recent fatal accident in Ohio involving a wrong-way driver could lead to serious criminal charges. Law enforcement suspects the driver responsible for the crash was under the influence of alcohol at the time. The accident happened when a 63-year-old driver was headed west on I-76, but in the wrong direction. It is possible he could face drunk driving and other charges after the conclusion of the investigation.

As the vehicle was traveling on the wrong side of the interstate, it collided with a smaller passenger vehicle. The 27-year-old driver of the car was killed instantly. The other driver, who was behind the wheel of a truck, received treatment for his injuries at the hospital. Law enforcement states they believe drunk driving is to blame for this fatal collision, but it is not clear what evidence they have against the man.

The incident is still under investigation. There have been no charges filed against the driver, and police have not released his name. While he is not yet charged, he will still find it beneficial to begin working on protecting his interests in case formal charges do come at some point.

Those suspected of drunk driving will benefit from legal guidance at every point in the criminal justice process, even if they have not been charged. Individuals suspected of a crime and under investigation would be wise to start considering their defense options and developing an appropriate strategy by which they can confront any future charges. It is helpful to start with a thorough assessment of the individual case.