Unpaid speeding ticket notices catches Ohio driver by surprise

Jan 19, 2021 | speeding tickets

Violating the speed limit in Ohio can result in expensive fines, points on a driver’s license and other penalties. This is why it was an unpleasant surprise for an Ohio driver to get a notice for an unpaid speeding ticket she allegedly got over a year previously. Recently, a driver received notice from Youngstown that she owed the city $181.50 for an infraction from June 2019.

The driver claims she never received a speeding ticket in Youngstown at that time. Several other drivers say they have also received notices from the same jurisdiction for tickets they didn’t know about. These notices say the alleged traffic infractions took place on dates ranging from as far back as two years ago. It is possible these tickets may be connected to traffic cameras that are no longer functional.

These notices all came from a collection agency. A representative from Youngstown said that drivers had 30 days to contest the ticket, and after that point, the driver will have full responsibility to pay the ticket. However, drivers are questioning how they could contest a ticket they never knew they had. It is clear that there is some discrepancy, and it is possible that legal action may be necessary at some point.

An unpaid speeding ticket can result in higher fines and may even affect a driver’s credit score. If there are problems with a ticket or unpaid ticket notice, it may be appropriate to speak with an Ohio attorney about how to fight back. It could be beneficial to fight a ticket in order to avoid fines, penalties and other complications.