The most effective way to fight speeding tickets

Feb 18, 2021 | speeding tickets

When an Ohio driver is pulled over for violating the speed limit, he or she is facing the potential for expensive fines and penalties. Additionally, there are other consequences to consider, such as the potential for higher insurance rates, points on the driver’s license and more. There are ways to fight speeding tickets, and this could be the better option over simply paying the fine and admitting guilt.

Defending future interests

There are many reasons why a driver may prefer to fight a ticket rather than pay a fee. Each situation is different, and the specific options available will depend on the unique circumstances of the individual case. Some of the ways to fight a ticket include:

  • When attending a hearing, avoid admitting guilt.
  • Determine if your speedometer is faulty.
  • Look for errors in the citation, such as the wrong address listed.
  • Present proof if there was a valid reason for speeding, such as a medical emergency.
  • Challenge the officer’s account of what happened before and during the traffic stop.
  • Question the accuracy of the radar detection device used by law enforcement.

In many situations, there are benefits to challenging a ticket and avoiding the fines associated with a speeding infraction.

Which approach?

It is not always immediately apparent which is the right approach to fighting a traffic ticket. An Ohio driver may benefit from speaking with a traffic violation attorney to understand how to best proceed. With the right help, it may be possible to avoid fines, keep points off the license and mitigate other potential consequences.