Why fight a DUI in Ohio?

Apr 16, 2021 | drunk driving

Ohio drivers know that a conviction for drunk driving can lead to serious criminal and administrative penalties. However, many assume the simplest way to move on from this type of incident is to plead guilty, pay the fines and accept whatever punishments come. In reality, there are many reasons why it is prudent and important to fight a DUI, and avoiding jail time is just one reason.

Insurance rates and more

A conviction for drunk driving can come with the possibility of time behind bars, but there are other potential consequences to consider as well. This type of mark on a person’s criminal record will lead to higher insurance rates and more. The specific penalties one may face for a DUI depends on the individual’s criminal history and other factors.

Insurance rates can increase with a DUI conviction as well. While the amount depends on the specific insurance carrier and a driver’s record, these increased rates are one of the many ways a DUI can be costly. In addition to other fees associated with criminal penalties, a DUI can lead to fees associated with license suspension and more.

Fighting for the future

There is a lot at stake for an Ohio driver facing DUI charges. In addition to the loss of driving privileges, potential for incarceration, loss of reputation and other complications, a conviction for this type of criminal offense could have a significant and long-reaching impact on insurance rates as well. Fighting a drunk driving charge is beneficial, regardless of an individual’s criminal history.