Parts of Ohio seeing increase in speed-related car accidents

May 27, 2021 | speeding tickets

Driving over the posted speed limit can have consequences that go far beyond getting a ticket. Speeding can increase the chance of car accidents, and it can increase the likelihood that an accident will result in serious injuries. Some parts of Ohio have seen more speed-related auto fatalities over the last months, even during a period when there were fewer drivers because of COVID. In some areas, drivers could see increased patrols 

A serious safety problem 

According to statistics, there have been 422 fatal auto accidents in Ohio since the start of the year. At this time last year, there had been 324 deadly crashes. Speed is a particular concern in Cuyahoga County where there have been over 7,000 accidents since 2019. At this point, the county leads the state in the number of speed-related accidents.  

To combat the problem of speeding, the Ohio State Highway Patrol has increased its patrols in specific places across the state. Law enforcement issued 26,000 speeding tickets in the month of April alone. The hope is that issuing citations will discourage drivers from going over the speed limit.  

What can drivers do? 

For some drivers, fighting a speeding ticket makes sense. As law enforcement in the state tries to lower the number of car accidents, more drivers could find themselves facing expensive fines and other consequences as the result of a ticket. It may make sense for a driver to fight a ticket in an effort to keep points off his or her license, lower the chance of an expensive fine and keep insurance rates low.