What counts as a traffic violation in Ohio could change

May 16, 2021 | traffic violations

When Ohio drivers think about actions that may result in a ticket, they may think about speeding or running a red light. There are other things that are technically traffic violations in Ohio, and the list could change again in the near future. A recent proposal would make it against the law to hold phones and other devices while driving. 

A proposed change 

The intent of this law would be to curb distracted driving, most of which happens by drivers using their phones in some way while operating a vehicle. Texting is a major safety concern, as is scrolling social media. Lawmakers hope that making holding a device illegal will discourage these dangerous actions.  

Other lawmakers have expressed concerns that the proposed legislation could violate the rights of drivers in some ways. Emergency workers who are responding to a call would be granted an exception. In this proposed change to current laws, holding a device would be a primary offense, which means law enforcement would not need another reason to pull a driver over. 

The rights of Ohio drivers  

Ohio drivers pulled over for any type of traffic violations have rights. It is possible in some cases to fight back and challenge the circumstances of the ticket. With help, a driver could avoid or mitigate some of the penalties he or she is facing. In order to do this, it is helpful to seek legal guidance as soon as possible.