Court decides drunk driving arrest was valid

Jul 15, 2021 | drunk driving

The Ohio Supreme Court recently ruled that a woman’s arrest and the criminal charges against her were valid, despite her claims to the contrary. The woman challenged the constitutionality of her drunk driving arrest because it was based on a tip from another citizen. She claimed that there was no legal basis for law enforcement to monitor her behavior, but the charges against her will stand. 

Drunk driving charges from 2017 

The charges against the woman stem from an incident from 2017. At the time of her arrest, reports indicate her blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit. The woman was leaving a gas station where a deputy happened to be at the time when another customer came from the store and stated she should be stopped. The customer claimed the woman was intoxicated. 

The deputy then began to watch the woman’s behavior, stating that he saw she had a blank look on her face, something that often indicates intoxication. When he pulled her over, he stated he noticed the smell of alcohol coming from her vehicle. The woman claimed the investigation was invalid because he never had the opportunity to see any erratic driving.  

Violation of her rights 

An Ohio drunk driving defendant who believes he or she experienced a violation of rights has the right to challenge the prosecution’s case. It is beneficial to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney as soon as possible after an arrest. A legal professional can evaluate the case and provide guidance regarding the most appropriate defense options.