Do traffic cameras violate personal rights?

Jul 30, 2021 | speeding tickets

When an Ohio driver gets a ticket for some type of traffic violation, it will typically result in fines and penalties, as well as other complications in his or her life. More drivers may be getting speeding tickets as some communities in the state have installed traffic cameras to catch drivers who are going too fast through specific areas. While this may seem like an effective tactic to combat speeding, there are some who believe this strategy may actually violate drivers’ personal rights.

The case for cameras

Lawmakers state that the implementation of cameras is a safe and effective way to reduce reckless driving. Speeding is a common reason for many accidents, and cameras may deter some drivers from operating their vehicles above the speed limit. However, opponents to traffic cameras argue these tools are simply ways to increase funds for the local municipality.

There are concerns that cameras could affect one’s right to due process. The Ohio Supreme Court is currently considering a case that deals that specific issue. There is also consideration of whether local governments should be able to keep the funds that come in from tickets written from the use of traffic cameras.

Defending one’s rights

An Ohio driver has the right to challenge a traffic ticket. Whether the ticket came from a direct interaction from a law enforcement officer or a camera, the driver has the legal right to contest the citation. If there was a violation of personal rights, it may be possible to avoid penalties and other complications.