Ohio town considering the use of speed-detection cameras

Aug 12, 2021 | speeding tickets

In order to combat the number of drivers going over the posted speed limit, one town in Ohio is considering the use of traffic cameras. Reports indicate a sharp increase in the number of drivers who are operating their vehicles at excessive speeds, leading to a higher potential for traffic accidents and other problems. If traffic cameras are installed, it would likely mean more drivers in this area will receive speeding tickets in the near future.

Are cameras the solution?

Both law enforcement and local drivers say that speed is a safety concern in Mayfield Village. Some drivers report that they’ve seen vehicles going at excessive speeds while also weaving in and out of traffic. Reports indicate that the number of drivers traveling through the area going 85 miles per hour or higher has doubled since both April 2019 and April 2021.

One spokesman for the police department says they’ve asked the local government to consider installing cameras to deter speeding. They’ve also asked for approval to use hand-held lasers as well. These two things would be managed by a third-party private company.

Fighting speeding tickets

Ohio drivers who get speeding tickets may assume the simplest thing to do is pay the fine and move on. In some cases, it is most beneficial to fight the ticket and avoid points on one’s license, as well as increased insurance rates. Whether a driver gets a ticket in a traditional traffic stop or because of speed-detection cameras, that individual has the right to defend his or her interests.